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Are you stuck in the Western Pattern Diet?

If you, like so many others in the UK, are trapped in the Western Pattern Diet (or meat-sweet diet) than you are heading for trouble.

When you choose food for yourself and your family, in addition to picking something tasty to fill the gap, you are choosing the raw materials that your bodies’ cells use to build new cells, repair damage, fight infection and disease, combat cancer, reduce your risk of diabetes, dementia, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis and early death.

So given the choice of eating food which can help us feel better, look great and live longer, why do so many of us stick to the Western Pattern Diet which is high in red meat, sugary desserts and drinks, high fat, refined grains and high-fat dairy products? It is probably due to a mixture of convenience, habit, advertising pressure and lack of awareness of the direct impact that food has on your health…not just in the years to come but right now.

Research shows that just one unhealthy high-fat, high-sugar meal is enough to do damage to your body. As your body starts to break down such a meal, the large amount of sugar causes a dramatic spike in your blood-sugar levels – termed post-prandial hyperglycemia. In the long term this can lead to an increased risk of heart disease but in the short term side effects are also concerning:

  • Your tissue becomes inflamed
  • Your blood vessels constrict
  • Damaging free radicals are generated
  • Your blood pressure may rise higher than normal
  • You feel tired, groggy, irritable and down.
  • A surge and drop in insulin leaves you feeling hungry soon after your meal encouraging you to over-eat

Would you like to learn how to avoid this trap? Would you like to learn how to ensure you have the right balance of disease-fighting, health-promoting nutrients and bio-active ingredients so that your body functions at its best and you look and feel great?

Western Pattern Diet

Notice that I have not even touched on the topic of obesity yet. That is because, although obesity is very damaging to your health, I want you to understand that nutrition is not about dieting or losing weight. It is about the benefits that your body gains from the food you eat. Even if your aim is to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, then you still need to take in a balance of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

At The Windsor Clinic, as part of our holistic approach to your healthcare, we will review your diet and nutritional needs and teach you how to put the best into your body so you can get the best out of it in terms of energy, radiance and a strong immune system. The rest of your life starts right now so call us today for your consultation.


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