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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging research

There is a growing body of research supporting the use of thermographic imaging for early diagnosis of abnormalities and monitoring of healing. Below is just a small sample or Click Here to download this fuller selection of research.

Gautherie, M., et al. (1983). Thermobiological assessment of benign and malignant breast diseases. American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology, (8)147, pp.861-869.

“This study analysed the survival rates of 106 patients in whom the diagnosis of breast cancer was established as a result of the follow-up of thermographic abnormalities found on the initial examination when the breasts were apparently healthy (negative physical and mammographic findings).  A 61% increase in survival was noted in the patients who were followed-up due to initial thermographic abnormalities. The authors summarised the study by stating that “the findings clearly establish that the early identification of women at high risk of breast cancer based on the objective thermal assessment of breast health results in a dramatic survival benefit.”

Gautherie, M. & Gros, C.M. (1980). Breast thermography and cancer risk prediction. Cancer, 45, pp. 51-56.

“Thermography is a useful predictor of risk factor for cancer and as an assessment tool for rapidly growing tumours.”

Wladisalw, V. E. et al. (1989). Screening thermography of chronic back pain patients with negative neuromusculoskeletal findings. Thermology, 3, pp. 125-126.

“This blind study indicated that thermograph imaging is effective at detecting neuromusculoskeletal abnormalities.”

Varju, G. et al. (2004). Assessment of hand osteoarthritis: correlation between thermographic and radiographic methods. Rheumatology, 43(7), pp.915-9.

“Thermographic scanning was found to be highly reliable at monitoring changes in osteoarthritis of the hand.”

Parisky, Y.R. et al. (2003).  Efficacy of computerised infrared imaging analysis to evaluate mammographyically suspicious lesions. American Journal of Roentgenology, 180, pp.263-269.

In January 2003, Parisky and colleagues published their findings in 875 biopsied lesions where thermography had an over 95% predictive value and concluded that infrared imaging was a safe non-invasive procedure that would be a valuable adjunct to mammography in determining whether a lesion was benign or malignant.

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